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Amazing Transformations from a Professional Bridal Makeup Artist

Many a time, I get requests for ‘before and after’ shots. There is just something about a before and after transformation that people love!

I too love these pictures. While every single person hates having their before shot- they LOVE having their after shot taken! As women it’s like we are hardwired to be insecure about our own natural beauty. I always encourage my girls to smile in their before shot! I don’t want you looking miserable!

It gives me great pleasure as a makeup artist to seek out your best features, enhance them with a little colour to bring such joy and happiness. It’s apart of why I love my job!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t normally wear eyeliner, or you don’t fill your brows in on a day to day basis. The point of hiring a professional makeup artist it to have something you wouldn’t (or couldn’t!) normally do yourself. Otherwise, what’s the point?

What matters most to me is that you feel amazing when your look comes together with hair, makeup and your outfit. Fashion and beauty really is so much fun, and I believe should be taken light heartedly! People don’t get dressed up a lot these days, and being a bridal makeup artist, allows me to have a little fun with makeup giving you an amazing look that ties in nicely with the most beautiful dress ( and most likely the most expensive) you’ll ever wear.

Mothers can be a hard to win over. Most of the time, they are a little scared of makeup having grown up in the 70’s ( minimal makeup/ free love/natural beauty) to then progress to the 80’s ( makeup to them is blue eyeshadow and red lips with crimped and teased hair) . So they find it easier not to apply much, because the fear of experimenting with their now ageing skin. The Mother you see below is my beautiful Mum. She is my biggest critic -I just love her before and after. Whenever she is in my chair, I love to accentuate her amazing blue eyes ( which I didn’t inherit!!) But it’s the way she looks in the mirror after it, inspecting every little detail. Then she turns to me with a huge smile … “Wow! Great job!” she says. Well, duh! of course it is!(Is what I want to say!) But a big hug later, is all I need to know she feels amazing- because of me. That’s a pretty sweet feeling. I figure, if I can please my mum, I can please any mum out there!

I also love the different reactions from my clients!

“Wow!” , “Oh my goodness I never thought I could look like that! ” , “thats amazing!”, “beautiful!”, “I never want to wash it off!” “Do I really have to take these lashes off?!”  are just a few of the comments I love to hear and make my heart sing!

A huge thank you to the lovely clients below for their amazing before and afters!

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Let’s create your perfect look together and see what your before and after could look like! As the preferred makeup artist in Bowral and The Southern Highlands, I book out extremely fast especially in peak season! So don’t hold back! Get in touch to book your wedding day makeup by clicking HERE


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