Before and Afters

June 28, 2017

Amazing Transformations from a Professional Bridal Makeup Artist

Many a time, I get requests for ‘before and after’ shots. There is just something about a before and after transformation that people love!

I too love these pictures. While every single person hates having their before shot- they LOVE having their after shot taken! As women it’s like we are hardwired to be insecure about our own natural beauty. I always encourage my girls to smile in their before shot! I don’t want you looking miserable!

It gives me great pleasure as a makeup artist to seek out your best features, enhance them with a little colour to bring such joy and happiness. It’s apart of why I love my job!

I also love the different reactions from my clients!


“Oh my goodness I never thought I could look like that! ” 

“I look  amazing!”

“I never want to wash it off!”

“Do I really have to take these lashes off?!”  

are just a few of the comments I love to hear and make my heart sing!

A huge thank you to the lovely clients below for their amazing before and afters!

*Please note: All makeup before and afters are my work. Some Hair featured in the after shot may be from another stylist.

Ready to have me create a gorgeous look for you? Dates book out well in advance so get in touch when you know your date!

Michelle x 

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