July 21, 2017

Behind the scenes hair and makeup images for an editorial piece for  White Magazine , September 2017 issue.

One day I received a phone call from Athena Grace, a talented photographer who was shooting an editorial piece for White Magazine, and wanted to know if I was available for hair and makeup that day.

I was pretty elated because White Magazine was a publication I truly enjoyed. More article based than advertising, it focused on a beautiful marriage, not just a beautiful wedding!

So naturally, I was thrilled to be apart of it!

Heading upto Combar street studios in Paddington, I was playing in my mind different and possible looks for the shoot. I personally love showcasing makeup and hair thats natural, realistic and achievable on anyone. I love high end fashion editorial and understand its place, but for me, and the shoots I’d like to be involved with, are ones are that pure, natural and like I said, realistic!

When I saw the dresses, the flowers and the studio space I instantly got a feel for where we were heading. There were a couple of gorgeous options from Karen Willis Holmes that were truly divine.

wavy hair, soft matte eyes and a gorgeous lash completed the style.

If you haven’t done so , check out the September issue of White Magazine. Apart from seeing my work in print, my fave article is :

Thanks so much Carla, Editor in Chief for showcasing  this piece and allowing me to be a part of it.



Hair and Makeup: Michelle Cato