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southern highlands makeup artist

As a professional makeup artist, I have over the years, developed a style of makeup that is natural looking, brings out your best features and still looks great to the eye. My approach on a wedding day is that I want your makeup to photograph beautifully, but I also don't want your guests gossiping about how heavy your makeup looks up close in person, which is a sad reality for many heavier looks.

I take an individual approach with all of my brides to work out the style of makeup , coverage, and longevity you want for your day. I bombard you with a sea of questions before we even start, because it's important to me that I get to know you as best as I can in our consultation time so I can give you the makeup look you'll absolutely love.

Everyone has a different sense of what a natural makeup, or a heavy makeup is, so allow me to work with you and your own skin, to give you the look you desire.

My before & after photos range from the sheerest of looks to quite heavy glam, yet with my makeup style and techniques you wont be able to tell when a bride has a full coverage!

Before & After images are the best way to see what my magical hands can do for you.

-Senior Artist Kat

Mother of the bride makeup
Mother of the bride hair and makeup

Need a little extra help?

Over the years, I have worked on many skin and hair conditions as well as extreme thinning of the hair.

If you are concerned and want to discuss your needs in a private and confidential manner, I'm all ears because I love a good challenge and I promise to make it a beautiful experience for you.