I have a pimple on my wedding day! What now?!

June 12, 2017

So, you have woken up with a pimple on your wedding day?

As a professional makeup artist, the BIGGEST FEAR of my brides is that dreaded breakout on their day.

And more often than not, it happens not because you had that chocolate at midnight, but because of the stress and pressure leading up to the big day.

You know the type. The “I’m ready to throw all of this in and elope” type of stress.

It’s the pre-wedding diet that you’ve been on then all of a sudden bam! Cake, wine, dinner with family, bridal showers, hens parties, late nights, and you are all out of whack, your water intake is shot to pieces and you’re not sleeping like you used to in anxiety that the biggest party you are about to throw, is just around the corner. You start to panic- will my dress fit? I haven’t found shoes yet! Or the seating arrangement is stressing you out because your uncles new wife doesn’t get along with your other aunties or any of your family for that matter and now you can’t seat them anywhere near each other otherwise world war 3 will start… sound familiar?

And you want clear, perfect skin on your big day with all that stress going on?! Good luck!

So the best thing I can say to you is ( try to) CALM. DOWN. You ‘re getting married, it should be a really cool, fun experience and really, if you do have some serious pressure coming down on your shoulders, take a deep breath in and just remember that the day is about you and your partner. No one else. And at the end of this long day that seems to go by in a flash, you’ll be left with a partner in your arms. So enjoy it. Because it really does go by so fast.

Back to the point- If you get a pimple on the day – So you wake up, and you have a huge white head on your face. Awesome ( sarcasm).

To pop or not to pop? That is truly the biggest question…

My answer: ( and note, I’m a beauty therapist that loves to pop and  squeeze, so I’m only really telling you the right way to do a wrong thing…)   If you have access to ice, pop it as early as you can after a shower -the warm water will help soften the skin and open up the pores- Then, apply ice  to the area  for a good 10 minutes. Why? The coolness of the ice will constrict the blood flow, and help soothe and calm the area down and reduce the swelling. The skin will go a little red, so you need to make sure that after icing it for a good 10 minutes, you then leave it to settle.

**Side note, ice is also a good quick fix remedy for puffiness under the eyes if you didn’t get a great night sleep the night before! **

IMPORTANT: Do NOT pop your pimple 5 minutes before you sit in the makeup artist’s chair. I mean it. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating  to us pro makeup artists when you  do this.  It’s weeping, oozing puss and blood, and it’s just plain gross. Trust me, you don’t want to  be ‘that’ person.

Popping pimples MUST be done first thing in the morning. If you procrastinate, you’ll miss your opportunity to pop the damn thing, ice it and let it settle for a good hour before you are in the makeup chair.

If it’s a blind pimple ( no white head) then don’t touch it. Redness can be evened out and covered up with makeup.

On both types of pimple however, yes, you will still see the lump. But chances are no one but you will notice it. And guess what we have in this day and age that they didn’t 50 years ago? Photoshop people!!! Spot removal is trivial in photoshop, and for your highlight shots, or photos that you choose for your album, I’m 99.99% sure your photographer won’t mind touching this up for you.

So don’t let a little ( or a huge) pimple ruin your day. Pop it early and move on.



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