Essential wedding day skincare

June 1, 2017

As a makeup artist, all too often, brides come for their trial with skin that hasn’t been exfoliated in months / years / if ever. ( Shock horror!!) There is uneven tone and redness with a bit of irritation, their pores are oozing oil flow, blackheads are mistaken for freckles and the texture of the skin resembles sandpaper. Sound like you?

They proceed to sit in the makeup artist chair, and expect high quality makeup brands to be the be all and end all of their skin care problems. They then show me a photo of the most perfectly photoshopped image going around on pinterest, and their hopes and dreams are shattered when the end result is not picture perfect smooth.

Luckily, the solution is relatively simple.

Ladies ( and this is one for your groom as well!) let’s talk skin care.

Without boring you with a lot of industry jargon about technical ingredients that you know nothing about of even care for, let me tell you that investing in good quality skin care and facial treatments, really does make a phenomenal difference.  Every makeup artist agrees.

My tips for great skin – and this doesn’t just have to be for your wedding day!

  1. DO Cleanse your skin morning and night
  2. DO moisturise your skin morning and night
  3. DO use a neck cream. ( why?! you ask? Go ahead- look at your grandmother’s neck)
  4. DO use a sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. ( even when its winter, freezing and raining)
  5. DO Exfoliate your skin once a week
  6. If time and budget allows, visit a salon for a facial treatment every 4-6 weeks.

A recent 2017 study said that the average cost of a wedding these days is around the $50,000 mark. If you are spending this kind of money, or more or less, (either way, its a solid chunk of your savings) be sure to budget in about $300 for some great skincare ( which will last you around 4-6 months) and schedule yourself at least 3 facial treatments. Thats under $1000 to make sure your skin is in great shape for the biggest party of your life. That’s actually a pretty sweet deal.


Better skin = better makeup application = you’ll make your makeup artist happier = longer lasting makeup = you look amazing for longer = you’ll love your photos even more AND you won’t be stressing about crap skin / pimples / blackheads on the day!